Epson TM-U220B Kitchen Printer Troubleshooting FAQs

Troubleshooting - FAQs

Having issues with your Epson U220B kitchen printer? Check out the frequently asked questions to help troubleshoot your hardware!


If you're having issues with your Epson TM-U220B kitchen printer, check out the FAQs below for troubleshooting assistance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my printer isn't printing tickets?

The most common causes of printers not functioning are due to some kind of power issue or paper jam.  

Always start by:

1. Restarting the printer (sometimes called power cycling)
2. Verifying paper is installed and feeding properly
3. Securing cables - power cables and ethernet cables
4. Reseating cables (reseating  simply means to unplug or remove and then to plug back in)  

Follow the steps below:

1. Try restarting the printer.

Locate the power switch, turn it off & on.  

2. Verify the printer is turned on.

The power button will be pushed in on the right-hand side and a green light on the bottom center of the printer will indicate the power is on.

Note: Be sure the power cord connection to the printer is tightly connected. 

It is common for the power cord to become disconnected from the power brick in the middle of the cord. Make sure the cord is not only fully plugged into the outlet, but that it is also tightly connected to the power brick.

Power Cord
Power Button
Power Indicator Light


3. Verify paper is installed properly and feeding.

To do this, hold down the Feed button for a few seconds.


4. Printer Ribbon and Paper Installation:

This printer requires an ink ribbon in order to print. The ribbon will need to be replaced when it gets low or runs out of ink.  When inserting the ink ribbon cartridge, make sure that you press it down evenly on both sides until you hear a "click."
Turn knob on the ink ribbon clockwise to tighten the slack Insert ink ribbon   Ensure paper is installed properly


5. Verify the Ethernet cable is connected to the printer.

To do this, open the printer and verify the Ethernet cable is connected to the printer AND that there is a status light illuminated next to the cable. Be sure the cable is tightly connected.

What is an Ethernet cable?

A cable used to connect devices to networks.  Ethernet cables look like telephone cables only larger and come in different colors.

Ethernet Cable Ethernet Port

What type of paper does my printer use?

One Ply Bond 3-Inch Wide Receipt Printer Paper Roll


What type of ink cartridge does my printer use?

Epson TM-U220B Ribbon Cartridge - Black / Red


Further Troubleshooting

If you are still having issues with your Epson TM-U220B printer, reach out for!