How to Configure an Epson TM-U220B-767 Kitchen Printer


In this article we will review how to change the network configuration of an Epson TM-U220 impact printer. It may seem a little daunting at first, but the whole process can usually be completed in about ten (10) to twenty (20) minutes.


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Required Materials

  1. A computer

  2. A pen or paper clip

  3. An Epson TM-U220 printer (factory reset)

  4. An ethernet cable
    NOTE: Many late-model laptops do not have a physical ethernet port. An adapter, such as a Thunderbolt <> Ethernet for Mac, may be required

  5. An IP address available for use by the printer
    NOTE: Every device on a network must have a unique IP address. When in doubt, please contact your Network Management Team with any questions.


Basic Process

  1. Factory reset the Epson TM-U220 printer

  2. Change the computer’s network settings to allow it to communicate with the printer
    Windows or MacOS

  3. Physically connect the computer to the printer with an ethernet cable

  4. Use a web browser to access the printer’s configuration interface and set a configuration to the printer


Factory Reset the Epson TM-U220 printer

It’s always best to start from a clean slate. Reset the printer to factory defaults to wipe any existing configurations.

  1. Turn the printer OFF


  1. Turn the printer upside down


  1. Locate the Network Adapters on the rear underside of the printer. The small black dot below or above the yellow label is the Network Status Button


  1. Turn the printer right side up

  2. Use the tip of a pen or a paperclip to depress and hold the Network Status Button

  3. Turn the printer ON while continuing to hold the Network Status Button


  1. The printer will make a mechanical noise and print a sheet indicating it is in the process of resetting to factory defaults


  1. Wait until a small receipt with the below information prints (this can take about 60 seconds)
    IP Address :
    SubnetMask :
    Gateway :
    DHCP : No Server -> Static




Assign a static IP address to a computer

IMPORTANT! Please make a note of your current network settings before making changes. The changes made during the configuration process will need to be undone in order to restore normal connectivity.


For Windows

Use the Control Panel to change the IP settings of a Windows computer.

  1. Open Control Panel


  1. Click on Network and Internet


  1. Click on Network and Sharing Center


  1. Right-click Ethernet

  2. Select Properties from the dropdown


  1. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list

  2. Select the Properties button


  1. Select Use the following IP address

  2. Set the IP address

    a. IP Address
    b. Subnet Mask
    c. Default Gateway

  3. Select OK, then connect an ethernet cable from the computer to the Epson TM-U220 printer


Proceed to Set a network configuration to the Printer





For MacOS

Use Network Preferences to change the IP configuration of a MacOS computer.

  1. Click the Apple Menu


  1. Select System Preferences


  1. Select Network


  1. Select Ethernet or the appropriate adapter (e.g. Thunderbolt to Ethernet) from the list


  1. Click the Configure IPv4 dropdown


  1. Select Manually


  1. Set the IP Address

    a. IP Address
    b. Subnet Mask
    c. Router


  1. Select Apply, then connect an ethernet cable from the computer to the Epson TM-U220 printer


  1. Status will change to Connected


Proceed to Set a network configuration to the Printer





Set a network configuration to the Printer

 Use a web browser to access the printer's configuration page.

  1. Open a web browser


  1. Enter the IP address of the printer ( into the address bar


  1. Should see a page with message “Your connection is not private”

    Do not worry! This is expected!

  2. Select Advanced from the bottom left




  1. Select Proceed to (unsafe)


  1. Enter into the Authentication Required or Sign In prompt:

    : epson
    Password: epson or serial number

    On newer models the password is the serial number of the printer displayed on the sticker.


  1. Welcome to the EpsonNet Config!


  1. Under the Configuration header of the left navigation, select TCP/IP


  1. Under IP Address Settings, Change Acquiring the IP Address to Manual


  1. Enter the desired IP address for the printer

    a. IP Address
    b. Subnet Mask 
    c. Default Gateway

  2. Set Using Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA) to Disabled

  3. Set IP Address Using ARP + Ping to Disabled


  1. Review IP information for accuracy

  2. Select Send


  1. Select Reset (Printer should make a mechanical clunking sound)


  1. One or more of the following three pages may display. All are signs of success!

    a. Please Wait
    b. A network change was detected
    c. This site can’t be reached




  1. Print a Network Status Sheet from the device using the Network Status Button on the underside of the printer (see above) to confirm the TCP/IP settings!



Tips and Tricks

  • Be patient and take your time!
  • Watch for typos! IP addresses are an exact science!
  • If the computer is not recognizing the printer after connecting the devices, try turning the printer off for 60 seconds and then back on.
  • IMPORTANT! All devices on the same network must have IP addresses within the same IP scheme, and every device must have a unique address. For example, an IP scheme of 192.168.22.___ may be able to accommodate devices with addresses from to, but if two devices have the same address, neither device will work.
  • Every network is different. When in doubt, always contact your Network Management Team.