Point of Sale Data Storage

At Santa Barbara Cash Register we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible data access solutions.

As we are learning with our phones we are now subscribing to larger storage plans just so we can hold on to a picture of our breakfast from 11 years ago.

To ensure we can continue to support your growing needs effectively, we are introducing some changes to our data access offerings. Starting in June 2024, we will be introducing new data access plans designed to give our clients more flexibility and choice.

Here’s a closer look at what’s in store so you know what to expect and can plan accordingly: 

What’s changing?

In June 2024, historical data access (including sales summary reports at the single site, multi-site and enterprise level stored on Santa Barbara Cash Register’s POS platform) will be available for a time period of one year (12 months). Access to historical data will be available for purchase for longer periods of time based on each establishment’s needs. More details are available below. 

Why is data access changing?

As the location count and years of data records for Santa Barbara Cash Register's clients continues to grow, storage costs rise accordingly. In addition, maintaining excessive amounts of data, no matter how good the architecture is, can slow reporting. Our best solution for ensuring fast reporting and feasible costs is to keep data only for what is used and needed for each account. This change allows us to maintain the quality of our service, improve the speed of reporting, and uphold good maintenance and security practices. 

How can I prepare?

If our clients believe they will need historical data from their POS platform records from more than a year back, they have two options. One would be to make plans to export that data to an accessible file storage location between now and June 3, 2024, where they take over control of historical data. 

In the event that historical data reporting is a feature they need available via their management console, starting in March 2024, their other option will be to purchase additional data access. Stay tuned for information on pricing and data access plans. 

You can learn more about the changes in store for Santa Barbara Cash Register’s data access options in this article on our help site. 

We are also in the testing phase of a viable in house solution such as Google Drive or inventing our own analytics solution which would gather information after every payroll.

As always, thank you for being a valued customer and friend. 


Craig Saling


Exporting Data

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