Supporting POS Systems for Retail and Restaurants

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Every small business (SMB) retailer, restaurant, café, and food truck needs a Point-of-Sale (POS) system. But what does a POS system do? The best POS systems for retail and restaurants combine payment processing, inventory and customer management, payroll and accounting, and other services into a powerful hardware and software package.

There are many choices for POS systems for retail and restaurants

If you have done any online searches for POS systems to purchase and install, you’ve likely discovered that there is a staggering selection of POS system software to choose from. The best POS systems for small businesses should be an all-in-one system for taking payments anywhere.  You need features that include credit card readers and a point-of-sale mobile app which works with most Android and Apple devices. You want a POS that can create customized receipts to send via email or print from a receipt printer. In addition, you may want to keep open tabs, split checks, and manage your inventory in real time, all of which are available with many of the most popular point-of-sale software.

The most common POS systems today include Square, Lightspeed, Clover, Revel, EPOS, and Toast. Regardless of which hardware and software package you purchase, you will need assistance with installation, maintenance, and support.  A managed service provider (MSP) like Santa Barbara Cash Register can assist with any and all of your set-up and POS management needs.

An MSP with significant POS experience

With a team of technicians across the company, Santa Barbara Cash Register has decades of experience with POS systems.  We have worked with a variety of hardware and software set-ups for customers that are small businesses like community golf courses to clients who are national retailers like Good Feet Stores or 24 Hour Fitness:

Our POS process experience includes the following:

  • Identification and purchase of POS hardware and software
  • Installation of hardware and software
  • Integration of cash drawers, receipt printers, card swipes
  • ISP set-up for multi-location networks
  • Developed automated re-imaging process to make new deploys and replacements seamless
  • Routine maintenance
  • Training and support

Our technology and systems experience spans both legacy and modern vendors:

  • Revel Systems
  • Clover
  • Touch Bistro
  • Grubbrr
  • Ubiquiti
  • Cisco/Meraki
  • ELO POS terminals
  • RS232 technology
  • Lightspeed POS
  • Aloha NCR POS
  • Micros
  • Microsoft Dynamics POS
  • Petroleum POS (Verifone)
  • Variety of kiosk menu systems (such as the ones in the airport and fast food franchises)

Santa Barbara Cash Register can provide a free IT assessment of your POS system

We can manage your technology infrastructure, including any POS system, from soup to nuts.  We have experience with POS systems within our software developers, L2 engineers, and help desk support.

If you would like to hear more about how Santa Barbara Cash Register can support your POS, let’s schedule a free IT assessment call with Craig Saling to learn more about your business and current technology needs.