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Restaurant & Bar Security Camera Systems

Bars and restaurants face a large range of security challenges on a daily basis. A constantly changing customer base and high employee turnover leave bars and restaurants at particular risk of theft. The benefits of a properly installed bar or restaurant video surveillance system can improve safety and security for customers, employees and business owners alike.

Benefits of Bar and Restaurant Security Cameras

Easy installation – Bar and restaurant video surveillance is easy to install and set up. Unlike analog CCTV cameras, all you need to do is mount your cameras and hook up your recorder. No coaxial cable or power tools necessary.

Prevent theft - Video surveillance can help prevent theft, and a restaurant security camera in the right location can put an end to "dine and dash", where customers eat but leave the premises before their bill arrives.

Lower fights and violence – Fights are common in crowded bars, especially during charged environments like sports games or weekend nights. Restaurant security cameras can help prevent fights and in the event of violence, help to identify the responsible parties.

Check footage anytime – An IP camera network with an NVR (network video recorder) can broadcast footage over the internet, allowing you to check up on your restaurant or bar at anytime. This is perfect if you have a chain restaurant – you can check up on multiple locations without having to be in multiple places at once.

How Tavern and Pub CCTV Systems can be Risky

Privacy – Restaurant security cameras should only record in public places like dining rooms, bars, stockrooms, and kitchens. Keep security cameras out of bathrooms and employee break rooms.

Vandalism – Cameras in public places are susceptible to vandalism, especially in bars. Vandalized or damaged cameras can cause lapses in your recording.

Outages – Power surges and outages can cause damage to your system or interrupt recording. Although they occur rarely, they are still a possibility. Have other security measure in place should your restauraunt security camera system fail.

Things to consider before purchasing a bar or restaurant video surveillance system

Security needs for restaurants and bars depend on a multitude of different factors. The right surveillance system for one restaurant may not work for another. Consider each of the following factors when setting up your security cameras:

  • Have you had major fights in your bar or restaurant in the past?
  • Do you have a problem with "dine and dash" or customer theft?
  • What do you consider to be your most important security risk?
  • What security systems do you currently have in place?
  • Do you feel that your neighborhood contributes to your overall security?-
  • Are you a bar, restaurant or both?
  • Do you have daily specials or events that drive more customers to your restaurant or bar on certain days?
  • What is your average customer demographic?
  • Is your bar or restaurant constantly busy or do you have "rushes" during dinner, lunch, happy hour, etc?
  • Have you had problems with employee theft (stealing from register, stealing food, giving out free food or drinks)?
  • Do you lease a space from a larger building, or do you have a stand-alone building with a parking lot?
    • If you are part of a larger building (like an office or a hotel), does that building offer security services for your restaurant or bar?
  • Can your employees easily survey the dining room or bar from the kitchen or servers’ station?

Setup Advice for Restaurant Security Cameras

  • Place restaurant security cameras in open areas like dining rooms to protect customers and prevent theft.
  • Cameras in your kitchen can help you monitor workplace safety and keep your facilities up to municipal health codes
  • Place cameras near entrances and exits in order to get an image of each customer and visitor as they come and go.
  • Fixed cameras near office safes and cash registers can help prevent theft.